We have invested in print monitoring technologies to enhance the value that we bring to you. We leverage two key technologies to maximize the benefits of our Managed Print Services program.

Remote Monitoring Technology

Proven remote monitoring technology gathers basic information about each of the printers in your organization: supply levels, service codes and print counts. This information is sent to our central print management server on a regular basis.

Print Assessment Software

Our print assessment software allows us to prepare an accurate Total Cost of Ownership reports for your printer fleet. Device usage data from the Remote Monitoring Technology imports the average usage of each of your devices. Then, the usage is synchronized with supply pricing from large, big box office supply stores or your actual supply costs. This allows us to deliver rich reports that detail the total cost of printing. These reports provide a solid foundation for quarterly review meetings.

To learn more about how you could get a complimentary Print Assessment for your organization, click here.

The print monitoring technology we use leverages one-way outbound communication wrapped in 128 bit encryption. We are not sending inbound information that could compromise your network security. For more information click here.

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