You can take advantage of our best practices to reduce your print expenses. Our proven, four-step process generates bottom line results for your company with minimal involvement on your part.

Step 1.
Stop Buying Equipment
When it comes to managing your expenses, the first thing most copier or printer vendors recommend is buying more equipment. The first step we recommend is to stop buying new equipment. Chances are you already have more equipment than you already need!
Step 2.
Discover What You Have
Next, we help you discover what you have by using our rapid discovery process. Our goal is to help you learn what print devices you already have, how they are being used, and how much they cost to operate.
Step 3.
Outsource Printer Management
Based on this knowledge, we recommend that many of our clients outsource the management of their printers. Similar to outsourcing non-core functions like coffee service, we manage your fleet of printers on a usage-based model including everything you need: supplies, service and support.
Step 4.
Optimize Your Fleet
With your printers under management, then we can work with you on a quarterly basis to review your actual usage and make recommendations to further optimize your printing infrastructure.

To start reducing your printing costs, contact us today.

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