Copyfree provides a great way to measure, control and reduce office printing costs. The executives we work with were excited to learn about our managed print services strategy that helps them manage expenses, boost productivity and free up IT resources along with minimizing their carbon footprint.

Here's how the program works:

  1. We Measure Your Current Cost of Printing
    First we measure your current cost of printing. Non-invasive print assessment technology measures the current usage of each of your devices. This data is cross referenced with your cost of supplies to create a Total Cost of Ownership report for your fleet.
  2. We Monitor Your Printer Fleet
    The same technology we use to measure your cost of printing provides a platform for monitoring each of your printers. This allows your printers to automatically notify us when they are running low on supplies or need support. It also provides useful management reports that can guide future fleet decisions.
  3. We Automatically Ship Supplies
    Instead of stockpiling expensive printer supplies throughout your offices, we automatically ship toner cartridges to your devices when they are running low. This reduces your cost while helping to ensure that every printer has the supplies that it needs.
  1. We Provide Help Desk and On Site Support
    Instead of distracting your IT department, we can now handle your printer issues. Remote monitoring allows us to proactively handle service issues. Our team of certified technicians is equipped to handle repairs quickly and efficiently.
  2. We Provide Ongoing Optimization
    Your printing needs will continue to evolve as your business needs change. Using your actual print usage reports, we work with you on a quarterly basis to implement ways to reduce your costs and improve your productivity.

One Simple Invoice

Instead of paying multiple vendors for printer supplies, parts, service and devices, you receive one simple invoice for the pages your organization printed.

You Save Money

By outsourcing this non-core area of your business, you can save money. Fewer vendors, accurate measurement and ongoing management make this a sensible cost reduction strategy.